Multiple Properties for Sale

Various properties for sale

Fully Operational School for Sale At Bahari with all valid licences and complete laboratory along with fully kitted classrooms @ 900 Million T.Shs

100 Acres for Sale, Village Title, Mlandizi Area , 70 kms Tarmac Road, 20Kms rough road.@ 50million T.Shs

1 Acre for Sale at Mbutu Mkwajuni, 27kms from Ferry @ 20million T.Shs

1 Acre for Sale at Geza Ulole, Mbwa Maji, 14kms from Ferry @ 25million T.Shs

2 Acre Plot, Kimbiji, with 270 degrees ocean view @ 40m

40 Acres Beach Plot with Title, 25kms from Ferry, South of Dar Es Salaam city @ $1.8m

1.8 Acres, opposite South Beach Residences, 13kms from Ferry of Kigamboni @ $400,000

3000 Square Meters of Land 5.2kms from Ferry, 100mtrs from main road @ $80,000

5 Acre plot, Bahari beach with ocean view @ $2m

1 Acre at ununio beach $500,000

2000 Square Meters, Mbezi Beach @ 250 million T.Shs

1400 Acre Farm, Bagamoyo, ex sugarcane factory with all equipment and houses @ $2.2m

Mbweni Ndege Beach 2000 square meters @ 150 million TShs

3000 sqm with 3 bedroom bungalow, overlooks indian ocean, car park space of 15 cars, garden, water well and generator@ 800 Million T.Shs, 5.2 kms from ferry, ono.

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